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i made these collages a whie ago - thery're verys mall, and unlike normal collages, only have a few small pieces in them. their sort of like floaral arrangements. and unlike mood boards etc. they're to form a cohesive appearance and unlike other collages (like the decoupage we often do at portia's house) each picture is unique and full in itself.

anyway, i've had them in the back of my mind and wanted to do something with them for a while and finally i did. first i, by using google drawings, resized them to fit inside a matcbox (i stil have the matchbox insert template form the things ive done in the past). it wasn't enough to just print them out like that - i fel thtye were so special they deserved even more care and attention to detai. I had alredy scanned them into the computer. Now I traced them with my hand and then in the google drawings program i like to use, and then, using a combination of google drawings and pixlr, made these colored versions of them. i also having pictures of my sculptures etc.

i finally made them the size of a matchbox again, and printed them out as notebooks. Nicole did not know what they were when she came over. I still have not figured out what to do with them but i enjoy them sitting around my office. they feel too special to become a 3rd degree part of any of my other projects, I've considered hanging them from a clothesline like the other things or using them like the valentines thing that is now hung up since i got this idea while I was sleeping.