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study the critical moment that caused the downfall of your relationship

your failed relationship is as if if not more important than the nativity scene. now you can construct a diorama exploring commemorating and ...the moments in your relationship that you can pinpoint to it’s demise - the beginning of the end if you will. kit comes with glue-gunable cardboard boxes, dolls of you and your partner to put in each box (choose male and female or both) plus various materials to make the necessary props or furniture but feel free to draw anything that’s missing. if three boxes isn’t enough, there are some cards to fill in the missing moments so that you can your ex-lover can explore together exactly what it was that caused the demise of your relationship. Invite your ex-lover over for tea and talk about the trivialities of what led to the end of your relationship, post about it endlessly on facebook, and if your ex won’t come over, just invite your friends/other ex-lovers/parents to wallow in the misery that was your failed relationship