synchronicity bracelet & cards

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the synchronicity bracelet represents moments in my life ...

 to show you that everyone experiences synchronicity, it is now possible to purchase a synchronicity bracelet by a PHD student in electrical engineering.

here are his moments, self-described:

the keys

i was looking for my keys and i pointed to the ledge by the window, saying 'they could be here, or here,' and as i pointed i noticed that they were indeed there

i was telling my girlfriend a story about this adorable chihuahua that i'd seen once and as i concluded the story we came to the end of our walk and there was the chihuahua

i needed to find exactly 2 more eggs so i could beat my sister at our mom's easter egg hunt. i said this out loud at the same moment that i discovered exactly two eggs hidden inside her treadmill. she couldn't even believe i'd really found them 

for these moments he chose: a key, a dog, and an egg carton

there are many different moments to choose from


i have illustrated the moments in google drawings with sketchy figures etc. - the bracelet comes with a pack of synchronicity cards - one for each charm on the bracelet.


here is a brief description, and this shows a view of the cards...

once you've made a synchronicity bracelet, i may make it available for other people to buy. 


special deal. synchronicity bracelets 

it takes time and patience to notice all the times that the universe gives us things. in order to honor this..there is a special offer that only extends to the makers of synchronicity bracelets

purchase a bracelet and whenever you witness an instance of synchronicity look at all the charms and see which one best represents this moment. I'll send you the charm with no shipping charge up to 12 charms! if you can't find the charm you're looking for, let me know and i'll try my best to find one that's as close as possible choosing from the charms in my personal collection.


notice that some of the products on my website aren't fully fleshed out...? it costs a lot to print something and ...therefore i've presented you with digital projections of what the object will look like. they are all in different stages of completion. some of them are just drawings or sketches so take a look and i will pursue the ones you're interested in or that have the most interest. if you want to browse a list of all the projects in progress, take a look at this site...