fart school

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"a fuck you to the assignment"


this charm documents professor Nevers and his insistence that making a bottom piece for my car mold fail. the first few without the bottom part looked terrible as there was a hunk of brick at the bottom, after i made the second part of the mold after hours without telling him, my cars were perfect. he lauded reine for her choice of casting driftwood, looking down on my car though i was aware of the fact that it was a replica of a replica and my point was more conceptual than tactile.

the charm is a replica of the replica of the replica of a toy car, with the bottom hollow to show the two versions of my project


"shopping cart"

i didn't follow instructions but made a small shopping cart


in my drawing class i was told i was not good until he found that i did a "good drawing" and put a line underneath it, then proclaimed he'd ruined it and moved on. i was struck by the strange irony and decided to include this moment in my charm bracelet

the charm is of a woman sitting cross legged which happens to be the pose of the model for this drawing.


as part of the meaningful moments collection, this charm bracelet