emergency birthday kit
emergency birthday kit

emergency birthday kit

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you forgot their birthday but it's not too late

Change "oops i forgot" into "surprise!" with this magical emergency birthday kit. 


did you know that it was your coworker's birthday today?

streamers, birthday banner

just add cake.

plexi glass

comes with balloons, confetti, a card, birthday candles, matches, party hats, noise makers

im emergency birthday break glass


wrapping paper

ribbon, bow

some kind of candy or cupcake or something, comes in a box

mini kits are perfect for keeping in your desk and presenting to the birthday boy or girl. deluxe wall kit should be hung on wall and opened only in case of emergency



the deluxe kit also comes with: a birthday card, a birthday crown (for the special person to wear on their special day), plus wrapping paper, and the kit itself can be re-imagined as a gift box if you want to wrap up their stapler and give it to them as a present. 

or give them another kit as a present - in case they forget your birthday and need a quick fix.


the box turns into a gift box, with the bow and wrapping paper inside. the "emergency birthday party kit" thing can be replaced with the birthday card which is inside, there is also: confetti, birthday candles, birthday candle thingies, wrapping paper, bow, birthday crown(?), hersheys kisses(?)(3), balloons, (possibly, streamer or other decorations)...