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Witch Starter Kit - for secret witches

being a witch isn’t as hard as you’d think since anyone who isn’t a witch doesn’t exactly know exactly what it is one does when one is a witch. with your crystal in one hand and feather in the other, you can mutter gibberish to people whenever they cut in front of you at the checkout counter or cut you off. Kit comes with a bunch of “potions” labeled in “latin” which are just basically food coloring in various vials, a mini cauldron to carry around...you can create your own potions simply by gathering random ingredients and muttering to yourself. make sure to carry around a notebook with purposely terrible handwriting so that if anyone asks what ingredient you’re getting you can point to it. ginger is always a good one, and don’t forget to add a piece of your own hair for good measure. It doesn’t really matter what you do, once your friends, strangers, admirers, stalkers get the sense that you might be a witch they won’t mess with you anymore...